If you have a look on our product page you can get an idea of the granite, marble, quartz and sintered products we offer. Keep in mind that colour may vary from the photos on the website. Due to there being such a huge variety of colours available it will be better to narrow down what you really want to see before your first consultation and advising us on this. When looking at the more flowing granite colours we will be more than happy to meet you at the slab yard to look at the slabs. We also suggest that you to have a cabinet, paint and tile samples to better facilitate colour and pattern selection.


Once you have chosen colours that will suite your style we can start on your quote given a rough drawing or professionally done design of the project, we will deliver your quote in no time – we can also come out to measure up the work to give you a quote. Although the price is very dependable on the colour you have chosen. The following are just some of the things that need to be considered as well.

  • Size of each top – will it fit into the material or will a joint between sections be necessary. Status Stones are known for very neat joint work, but a joint can only be hidden to a certain degree.
  • Layout of the kitchen – Where can tops be joined to maximize slab usage without having unnecessary joints or having joints on feature areas like an island.
  • Where will we be installing – If a top needs to be installed upstairs we have to look at things like the stair access and the amount of movement space for larger tops. For larger islands we might have to send extra people to help carry the top. We also need to consider how far tops will need to be carried.
  • Electricity – Do you have power for us to do the cutouts or do we need to supply a generator for cutouts to be done.
  • Kind of appliances – Is your appliances normal drop in or are they underslung (Meaning that we need to cut and polish in the factory and glue the basin to the bottom of the tops on site.)
  • Draining grooves – for people with underslung basins draining grooves might be a very needed extra.
  • Splashbacks – Splashbacks might be needed in areas where water will be used on a regular basis.
  • Special profiling – Status Stones is one of the few companies offering specialized edge profiling above the normal square and round edge profiles – giving a special featured area like the island a profile might make a world of difference.
  • Although this can feel like a mountain of decisions to make before you receive your quote, it makes a huge difference and ensures that you are prepared for the installation. Many companies will just quote you on sizes provided and then only after acceptance inform you of the hidden costs due to technical issues. With us you can be sure that we cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s before you have to take out your money.



Once you have asked all your questions and satisfied that Status Stones is not only the best option but the only option. You now have to make sure that your appliances are ready for us and then you can sit back and relax. We will go ahead and book your installation date on the soonest possible date depending on availability of installation teams, taking into consideration that we need to measure and template your tops once the cupboard installation is completed.


Once the measurements have been confirmed and the deposit have been received your slabs will be ordered directly form the suppliers and delivered to our factory where all tops will be cut, profiled, polished & sealed.  We usually need 3 to 7 workdays to measure and manufacture your tops as to ensure the perfect fit.


A day or two before installation we will confirm that you and the site is ready for our installation team. Things to make sure of is the following:

  • Make sure the site will be accessible on the day of installation and that other contractors take note that your tops will be done on that day as we will need space to maneuver bigger tops.
  • Double check that all appliances that need to go through the tops are on site. Including but not limited to: sinks, basins, hobs, taps, pop-up-plugs, and remember those holes for cables in the areas like offices or dressers.

When the site is ready and appliances are available we can be in and out of your hair in no time. Our professional installation teams will do the needed cutouts in an outside area while using water to minimize the dust.

Please note that 24 hours should be allowed for the glue & silicon to dry as to ensure the positioning of your tops.  

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